More natural, more thorough, easier.

Simple, biologically clean and environmentally friendly: steam cleaning is the most natural form of cleaning and thus the ideal alternative to conventional cleaning. The potential applications are numerous and can also be useful in ironing and textile care.

Steam saves you valuable time that you can use for other things. So what could be better than using the power of steam for small and big jobs at home?

How does steam work? 
Conventional cleaning methods are often limited to surface work. Steam, on the other hand, penetrates into microscopic gaps between dirt and surface. In this way it dislodges even stubborn dirt particles. Another advantage is that bacteria and germs do not have a chance to proliferate. This makes steam cleaning particularly efficient and hygienic – without scrubbing or polishing.

Why is cleaning with steam environmentally friendly? 
It's simple. Cleaning with steam is cleaning without chemicals. The combination of steam power and temperature alone dislodges stubborn dirt and makes cleaning agents superfluous. This conserves both water and also our pockets.

As no chemicals are used it also means no extra packaging is needed or disposed of. This conserves both energy and raw materials.

Furthermore, steam cleaning is very economical. Just one litre of normal tap water will produce some 1700 litres of steam! That is enough for around 20 minutes of steam cleaning – sufficient for completely cleaning a small apartment. And since electricity is used only for heating up the water, energy consumption is low.

Why is cleaning with steam healthier? 
Those who clean with steam protect themselves and their families. Steam condensate, in contrast to cleaning solutions, do not leave behind potential allergy-triggering residues on the cleaned surface. This is especially important for small children who like to put things in their mouths. Accidents by the incorrect use of a cleaning agent, skin irritation and other health risks that come about because of cleaning substances are no longer an issue with steam.

Allergy-sufferers can breathe easier. Since steam binds the dust, keeping allergens (house dust mites and their secretions) from being dispersed, the indoor environment improves considerably. Last but not least, cleaning with steam involves much less physical exertion – you simply let the steam do the work.

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