Rediscovering water as a cleaning agent

Why does steam have such a powerful cleaning effect?
The secret of steam cleaning lies in the combination of the steam jet and temperature. This eliminates dirt effortlessly whilst making it much easier to get into areas that are difficult to reach, this in turn makes it possible to clean more thoroughly. All of that without chemicals!

In some cases you can enhance the cleaning power of steam by using other accessories, e.g. with a brush or towel. As generating steam demineralises water, our machines leave behind neither limescale residue nor streaks.

Why is steam cleaning so quick and easy? 
Steam works quickly. Steam liquefies and dislodges stubborn and greasy dirt within seconds. One can generally do without time-consuming rubbing. Even when ironing you can save a lot of time as firstly you do not need to moisten the clothes and secondly the steam smoothens out the clothes quicker.

The best thing about Kärcher steam cleaners is the fact that you can use them practically anywhere for almost every cleaning application. This leaves you with more time to do the things you like in life.

How do steam cleaners work? 
In essence steam cleaners work similarly to a pressure cooker. Water is heated in a closed boiler in the steam cleaner until it boils – this causes the formation of steam. This takes from one to six minutes per litre of water depending on the machine.

Tip: The steam works better if the tank is not filled to the top. Otherwise it is initially too wet and dampens the surface.

Once the water boils, the steam is released in measured quantities through the "steam gun". The higher the steam pressure, the quicker the release rate – and thus the dirt-dissolving performance. A simple process I’m sure you will agree.

Tip: Hot water accelerates the heating process.
The pressure in the boiler increases up to 4 bar, depending on the type of machine.

It's good to know 
Kärcher steam cleaners fulfil all standards with regard to safety. TÜV certification and international testing centres confirm this. Of course all electrically conductive parts are protected from splash water.

Seven good reasons for cleaning with steam: 
  • Steam cleaning is eco-friendly – no detergent and low water consumption.
  • Steam cleaning is hygienic – even those hard to reach areas can be cleaned.
  • Steam cleaning is effortless – no scrubbing or polishing required.
  • Steam cleaning is healthier – no detergent.
  • Steam can be used for many purposes – for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom or windows and for ironing and textile care.
  • Steam saves time – cleaning is faster.
  • Steam saves money – no detergents needed.

On the following page you can read why steam cleaners are downright universal.