Multipurpose machines

You may have already noticed. Steam cleaners are downright universal. How they can make your daily life easier is what we want to show you in detail on the following pages.

Steam cleaners prove their capabilities on floors as well as glass surfaces, stainless steel, and plastic. The results are visible. For optimal results, deep cleaning is recommended before the first use of the steam cleaner. This removes old cleaning agent layers that otherwise could lead to streaks.

Iron 50 % faster – with steam
The advantages that steam offers in conventional ironing have been known for a long time. Yet another advantage is available with the steam pressure ironing system. It allows time savings amounting to approx. 50 % with a 100 % ironing result.

You can moisten, iron, and dry clothes in one step – no spray bottle is necessary. Since the fibres swell immediately textiles are smoothed out more quickly. This makes it possible to iron several layers at the same time. It could not be easier.

Steam is good for your fabric.
Who has not had this experience? Jackets, dresses, suits which, having been worn once, lose there freshness and may even have taken on undesired smells. Steam cleaners prove their strengths in these cases. Simply attach the textile care nozzle and freshen up your clothing. Wrinkles and odours disappear in an instant.

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