Floor care products contain conditioning agents, e. g. wax, that are compressed into a uniform surface by the high speed of the rotating care pads. This results in a shining effect and the care layer becomes considerably more robust than before.
Generally one can say that the strength of the care film on a surface corresponds to its resistance to dirt. The angle of the light shows how smooth and shining a surface is.


A untreated surface without any shine.

A untreated surface without any shine. The surface is open and coarse. This makes it possible
for dirt particles to lodge themselves into the surface. The incoming light is broken at different angles, making the surface appear dull.

After the care product is applied

After the care product is applied, the surface appears somewhat smoother, but the shine is not at its best. The light reflection angles are somewhat more consistent.

After polishing

After polishing the surface is smooth; the shine is at its best since the light is reflected at a consistent angle.