What can you clean with a pressure washer?
Pressure washers are versatile helpers around the home: Simply connect to the water and power supplies, switch on the pressure washer - and the fun can beginn.
Our examples of typical applications demonstrate how to handle the pressure washer correctly and the points to be observed.

With our range of special accessories your pressure washer becomes a real allround tallent: Wet blasting, pipe cleaning, patio cleaning, pumping a pond dry - you will probably discover many other uses for your Kärcher.

Please note when you are working that the impact pressure is highest right next to the nozzle. That means you should get really close to remove obstinate stains, and keep a much greater distance when there is only light soiling or you are cleaning a sensitive surface.
1. As moss not only covers the surface in a thick layer but also sits in the pores of stones slabs, we recommend it be removed with a Dirt Blaster nozzle.
2. The Dirt Blaster combines the concentrated cleaning power of a solid pencil jet with the area coverage of a fan jet.
3. Hold the high-pressure jet almost at right angles to the slab and slowly sweep the jet from one edge of the slab to the other at a distance of 20 to 30 cm.
4. The splash guard for the Dirt Blaster (optional extra) protects you from splashback.