Why should we clean with high pressure anyway?
Every owner of a house and garden who has hosed down very dirty paving stones knows all about the limits of a normal garden hose´s cleaning power.

A pressure washer, on the other hand, has much more cleaning power. Whatever the cleaning task, be it cars, moss-covered garden paths, patios, roller shutters, dirty drums or barrels, boats etc, everything can be cleaned quickly and easily. And even stubborn dirt has no chance against a high-pressure water jet.
1. Our T-Racer patio cleaner cleans even larger areas gently but thoroughly. An innovative combination of height-adjustable propeller and two high-pressure nozzles produces a hovering effect so that the T-Racer glides along just above the floor.
2. The cleaning effect is increased and you get a uniform cleaning result. The housing keeps the water in, so you and your surroundings are protected from splashes.