Tip: Siphoning water from a tank or pond:
If you want to use water from a tank or pond, which is at a lower level than the pressure washer, we recommend the following: Place the suction hose (optional extra) in 3 or 4 loops directly in front of the pressure washer. Lower the end of the hose with the filter and non-return valve into the pond. Fill the hose with water from the other end, connect the hose to the pressure washer. Before starting work, allow the unit to run for a while until bubble-free water emerges from the high-pressure outlet.
1. Coatings of algae and barnacles on the hull and deck of sailing boats or motor cruisers are no problem for a pressure washer. You can use the rotary ...
2. ... washing brush on flat surfaces, and for really tough dirt you can add Kärcher detergents.