Start drilling – and forget the dust

With the DDC 50 drilling dust catcher from cleaning equipment specialist Kärcher you can drill without creating dust. You need neither a helper nor any additional accessory or machine, such as a vacuum cleaner. The DDC 50 can be used with any portable power drill (max drill bit dia. 10 mm), and you have both hands free for drilling. Suitable for all normal indoor wall surfaces.
1. Line up: Once you have marked where youwant to drill the hole, fit the DDC 50on your drill and position it over the mark.
2. Press on: Press the DDC 50 against the wall – the vacuum stick function holds it securely to the wall during the drilling process.
3. Drill: Drilling with the DDC 50 is no problem. It sticks firmly to the wall and you have both hands free for the job in hand.
4. Detach: After drilling the hole, press the vent button to release the vacuum, take the DDC 50 offthe wall. The area around the hole is clean, all the dust has been collected.
5. Empty: Open the DDC 50 and empty the dust into a suitable container. No cleaning up necessary.