Minor messes – not a problem: The new electric broom cleans up in no time.

No need to drag out the vacuum cleaner every time you make amess: The new K 55 electric broom makes short and convenientwork of those in-between crumbs and spillages – for a really thor-ough clean-up. Cordless and battery powered, the K 55 is alwaysconveniently ready to use, and its low weight takes the effort out ofhandling. The intelligent design allows sweeping right up to within 1mm of the edge. You will soon forget you ever had a dustpan andbrush.
1. The brush can be detached with a simple movement for cleaning or exchange.
2. The battery can be removed andexternally charged. While you wait, just carry on working with the exchange battery (optional accessory).
3. With its lateral brush bearings, the K 55 is able to sweep to within 1 mm of the edge.
4. The generous dustpan is removed and emptied with the utmost simplicity.